Whole 9 Yards: Idioms, Etymology, & Origins

Jan 13 2021 30 mins 134

Whole 9 Yards is a weekly podcast that will simultaneously educate, astonish, and amuse. Listen while we share equivocal research about the origin of words, phrases, and idioms we use every day. From the team at Big Science Pods, we bring you the whole 9 yards, the entire kit and caboodle, the whole shebang of this quick, entertaining look at our language and the history therein. Learn why we call New York "The Big Apple," what "red-handed" REALLY means and why sometimes people are "happy as a clam." So, let's cut to the chase, if you jump on the bandwagon now, the first 100 subscribers will be entered to win a Big Science Snuggie. Have a question about an idiom? Wanna drop us a line because you think we’re funny... or, not? Think we’re mistaken about any information we’ve shared? Hit us up at [email protected] We’re waiting with bated breath!

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BathindaHelper May 14 2020
You're on the top of my list of podcasts. I even started listening to podcasts just because of this 'whole 9 yards' podcast only. I'm an Indian. And wish to like the detailed reason as why I like you so much in some free time. Thank you.