A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar

Nov 18 2020 53 mins 4

The podcast where we mix a sometimes weird but always delicious cocktail of theology, philosophy, and spirituality. We're a pastor and a philosopher who have discovered that sometimes pastors need philosophy, and sometimes philosophers need pastors. We tackle topics and interview guests that straddle the divide between our interests. Who we are: Randy Knie (Co-Host) - Randy is the founding and Lead Pastor of Brew City Church in Milwaukee, WI. Randy loves his family, the Church, cooking, and the sound of his own voice. He drinks boring pilsners. Kyle Whitaker (Co-Host) - Kyle is Visiting Assistant Professor of philosophy at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Kyle loves his wife, sarcasm, kindness, and making fun of pop psychology. He drinks childish slushy beers. Elliot Lund (Producer) - Elliot is a recovering fundamentalist. His favorite people are his wife and three boys, and his favorite things are computers and hamburgers. Elliot loves mixing with a variety of ingredients, including Rye, compression, EQ, and bitters.

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Gloves9 Aug 01 2020
Great podcast that blends relevant topics, philosophy, theology, and beer. Kyle and Randy provide nuanced perspectives on Bible and church concepts you may be taking for granted with a discussion that highlights how these things affect other areas of life. The strength of this podcast comes not merely from the expertise of and dedication to good epistemology by the podcasters, but also from the care recognizing that thoughts affect lives and the compassion they have for potential listeners.