Promote your podcast

Podcast Addict allows you to promote your podcast via a paid advertisement

There are 2 different ad placements available:

  1. The main screen that allows users to search for a new podcast
  2. A specific category when the user browses podcasts by category

Main ad campaign display format

In addition to the main ad display, Podcast Addict being ad-supported, the app will also use its own ad banner to promote podcasts when there's no inventory provided by Google Admob. There's no extra cost for this.

Ad campaign using the app ad banner

Once the user presses on the ad, the app will open the podcast description screen which allows subscribing to the podcast, browsing episodes and reviews.

You can promote podcasts in any language.

The price of the ad campaign is based on the popularity of a language among the app users. For example, promoting a podcast in French will be cheaper than promoting a podcast in English.

Ads will run for a full month.

Please paste the podcast RSS feed url in the field below to get more information