Changelog - August 7, 2020

Introducing Podcast Addict PREMIUM

For the past 9 years, Podcast Addict has been a free ad-supported app. However, this monetization model alone isn't sustainable in the long run for the following reasons:

  • First the app is mostly used in the background, which means that it's ad-free most of the time (over 98% of the time).
  • The app uses a small ad banner as it's the least intrusive ad format. However, ad banner revenue keeps decreasing years after years even though the app keeps adding new users.
  • Google can choose to stop the monetization whenever they want to which happened 3 times already since the beginning of the year.
  • Finally, more and more users are using ad-blockers which removes any revenue from the app usage (while still participating in the servers cost).

Yes, there's an In-App Purchase that allows the removal of the Google ad-banner, but this is a one-time payment for life. This means that after the payment, the user keeps receiving updates and new features without having to pay again. Ever. Of course, these purchases help, but what happens when the number of new users starts decreasing?
The cost of running the app will remain the same, the amount of work will certainly not decrease, but the revenue will then drop a lot...

In order to solve this, I'm introducing Podcast Addict PREMIUM.
This is a subscription that will help make the app sustainable in the long run. Podcast Addict PREMIUM adds some minor extra features, but 99.99% of the app will always remain free.
The subscription can be canceled at any time and user who already paid to remove the Google ad-banner will have a discount for the first year.
You will find all the details here.

If you want to subscribe, then please go to the Settings screen and scroll down. Thanks!!

TLDR: Basically, nothing changes for the users (free and paid). The app remains fully functional and you will keep receiving new features as usual.
However, from time to time, some very minor features will be added for Premium users only.


  • Volume now slowly fades out 20s before the sleep timer expires.
  • More values available when selecting the number of downloaded episodes to keep in Settings/Automatic cleanup/Keep at most.
  • Long pressing on the Update button displayed a the bottom of the navigation sidebar forces an update of every subscription, even for those having the "Keep updated" flag disabled.

Bug fixes

  • Google fixed the issue preventing playback speed change when casting to a GROUP.
  • On some devices switching from Recent episodes to Downloaded episodes (or any other entry from the navigation sidebar) did not refresh the episodes.
  • Minor fixes.