Changelog - August 17, 2020

Mute podcast notification

By default, every time the app retrieves a new episode it will show a new episode notification. This can be disabled globally in Settings/Notifications. With this new version you can prevent some podcasts from showing a new episode notification when the app retrieves new episodes. To do so you need to go in the podcast Custom settings and then enable "Mute notifications".

Unsubscribe while keeping the podcast data

By default, when you unsubscribe from a podcast the app deletes everything related to the podcast including episodes, downloads, favorites, playlists, bookmarks, ...
There's now a new option when unsubscribing, which keeps all the data. Only the podcast's status is changed to unsubscribe and until you subscribe again you will not see new episodes.
The podcast will still be visible on the app main screen.

Premium subscription management

You can now manage / cancel the Premium subscription from the app Settings screen. No more need to go into the Google Play Store to do this.


  • The download in progress notification now shows a static image when downloads are paused.
  • When downloads are paused, a pause icon is displayed in the navigation sidebar Download manager entry.

Bug fixes

  • A few users where experiencing the wrong episode displayed in the player after restarting the app.
  • Premium feature allowing you to select the Opening screen had a bug in some languages where it wasn't opening the selected screen.
  • Changing playback speed while playback was paused wasn't working properly.
  • Minor fixes.