Changelog - September 25, 2020

Transcript display

The app now supports transcript display.
For now it looks like only the podcast hosting service Buzzsprout supports this on a few of their stream (documentation).
Depending on the source you can have live subtitles displayed on the player screen during playback or access the full transcript from the episode description screen.
If you want to use the live transcript, make sure to enable this in Settings/Player

You can check this with the following podcast

Live subtitles
Live subtitles

Transcript button
Transcript button

Transcript display
Transcript display

Artwork resizing

Artwork resizing is now enabled by default on new installs.
This allows the app to automatically resize large image files to save some storage space. If you want to, you can enable/disable this in Settings/Automatic Cleanup.

Skip Completed podcasts

A new setting has been introduced in Settings/Update that will allow you to stop updating podcasts marked as Completed by their authors.
Very few podcasts use this flag for now, but using this setting will make the update process a bit faster and more efficient as the it will use less battery/data to refresh all your subscriptions when you have some completed podcasts among them.

Bug fixes

  • A few glitches caused by last version UI update has been fixed.
  • Fix volume handling when using the Sleep timer with Chromecast.
  • Minor fixes.