Changelog - October 25, 2020

Widget customization

This version adds a few settings that will allow you to fully customize the player widget.
For example you will now be able to hide items from the widget, like the progress bar and the artwork.
You can now select which screen will open when you press on the widget's episode's artwork. Just keep in mind that this won't work if you decide to hide the artwork from the widget.
Finally, you can enable dynamic colors for the widget. This means that the app will override the selected colors for the background, buttons and font and display instead colors extracted from the the episode's artwork when available. The only limitation here, is that Android doesn't allow customizing progress bar's colors on widgets. So depending on the background color, the progress bar might be barely visible...

New Widget settings
New Widget settings

Dynamic color enabled
Widgets with dynamic color enabled

Improved discovery

Podcast Addict already offers you a lot of way to find new content.
When you already know the name of the podcast you can use the search engine.
You can also browse thousands of popular podcasts by category or podcast networks.
You can create a search based podcasts to listen to every past and future episodes about a specific person or topic.
Finally, the app can also suggest podcasts based on your current subscriptions.

This is all good, but with more than 2M podcasts indexed, this will only allow you to access a tiny fraction of the existing content.
In order to help you discover new content, the app now has a 'Random pick' screen, that will display a Random list of podcasts.
This list can be filtered by category and sub-category.
For example, if you want to try new podcasts about Food, you can select the Food category and display thousands of random podcasts about Food.

You should give it a try as it already allowed me to discover and subscribe to a few new podcasts (not that I have time for new podcasts, but that's another story...).

Press on the toolbar Dice Button
Press on the toolbar Dice Button

Random list of Food podcasts
Random list of Food podcasts

Improved Statistics

This version adds new playback statistics, to check time saved by features like increased playback speed, skip forward, skip intro/outro, ...

Time saved by Playback speed, will take into account your playback history, so you already know how much time you saved since started using the app.
However, the other new stats like skip forward, skip intro, skip outro, muted chapters, will only take into account time saved after you received this update.

Playback Statistics are available from the app Settings/Account/Statistics.
You can also add a new entry to the navigation sidebar for a quick access to your Stats (Settings/Navigation Sidebar).

My Playback stats
My Playback stats


  • I added a new Widget as well as a new Intent to toggle the Playback Speed without having to open the app.
    Please check the FAQs to gather more information if you want to use this intent.
  • Improved chapter support based on The Podcast Index project specs.
  • Improved podcast monetization support based on The Podcast Index project specs.
  • Improved support of corrupted/invalid RSS feeds.

Bug fixes

  • Bug causing the list of muted chapters to be reset in some cases.
  • The Intent 'Update' wasn't working anymore.
  • Minor fixes.