Changelog - November 20, 2020

Major Chromecast improvement: support for local files (Audiobooks, Virtual podcasts)

Chromecast devices take an URL as a parameter, then stream the content from the remote server hosting the file.
The problem with this, is that you cannot cast a local file (Audiobook, virtual podcast).

In order to solve this, this new version runs a Web Server on your phone that allows the Chromecast to stream from your device.
This is fast and doesn't use any data BUT this will use more resources on your device (battery). The other downside is that you cannot kill Podcast Addict while you're casting as you usually can do, because this would kill the running web server as well.

I also added a new setting that will allow you to always stream from the device when the episode you're acting is downloaded. As explained above, this will be faster, use no data BUT will use more battery on your phone (Settings/Player).

Finally, in case casting fails the app will automatically switch to the local file if the episode is downloaded as a way to solve the issue. This can happen for example when the remote file is not available anymore or if the internet is down

Podcast Artwork customization

The app already allows you to customize a podcast artwork either by pasting an image URL in a text field or by browsing the device memory to select a local image.
This new version now integrates with Google Image Search and allows you to quickly find and select a new artwork.

Artwork customization
Artwork customization

Select from search result
Select from search result

Virtual podcast/audiobook description

When you add a virtual podcast or start playing external files with Podcast Addict, the app creates episodes and populate their fields based on the file embedded metadata such as the name and the artwork.
This new version now supports more metadata tags and can display a text description like regular episodes have. This however depends on the information contained in the file.
Also this will only apply to new files added to the app.

Skip outro improvement

When you're done listening to an episode before the end of the file is reached, you can long press on the player next episode button to tell the app that the current episode should be considered as fully listened to while skipping to the next episode.
That way, the current episode is marked a played and deleted (depending on your settings).
You can also use the app Skip Outro setting which allows you to select the number of seconds that should automatically be skipped at the end of an episode. This can be very useful when a podcast always ends with some end credits. This setting can only be set by podcast as every podcast is different.

The problem with this setting, is that if for some reasons the end credits are shorter than usual for some episodes, the app will skip some content that you might want to listened to.
This new version improves the Skip Outro setting by adding a 'trigger' for this action. The trigger is the fast forward button.

Let's say that you set skip Outro to 5 minutes and enabled the trigger action. By default, the app will keep playing until you press on fast-forward. If you press on fast-forward before the last 5 minutes of the episodes, then the app will just skip +30s forward, but if you're already listening to the last 5 minutes of the episode, the app will just skip the remaining time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Skip Outro setting
Skip Outro setting

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes.