Changelog - July 4, 2020

Share button default behavior

Up until now, pressing on the Share button was opening a menu allowing you to select the information you wanted to Share.
For example you could share a short message on social networks with the episode title, description and URL, but also the complete episode description, the downloaded file, ...
Those options are still available but, you can select the default share mode that will be triggered when pressing on the Share button.
For example you can set the app to still offer you all the sharing option, or to share the episode URL, or to Share as an Instagram Story, ...

The default action is the most popular sharing mode amongst Podcast Addict's users which is sharing a small message limited to 240 characters. This is the best option to share an episode on Social Networks.
You can go into Settings/Share to customize this.

Share button default behavior
Settings/Share/Default Sharing action

Share button default behavior

  • Sleep timer for Chromecast

The app Sleep Timer wasn't available when Casting an episode.
This is now 'fixed' with this new version.
All the usual features including lowering the volume right before the sleep timer will end playback and Shaking to reset the sleep timer are available.

  • Automatic Sleep timer with schedule

The sleep timer can be enabled at any time manually but there was also a setting called 'Always ON' that was enabling the sleep timer any time an episode was being played.
This option still exists but it has been renamed as 'Auto enable' and improved so it can enable itself depending on the time.

For example, you can set the app to enable the Sleep Timer automatically between 10pm and 2am. This also works when using the Chromecast.

Automatic Sleep timer with schedule
Settings/Player/Sleep Timer

  • Easily increase the Sleep timer duration

You can now press on the Sleep timer button when it's enabled and press on the '+ 5 minutes' button to quickly increase the sleep timer duration.

Easily increase the Sleep timer duration
Toolbar/Sleep Timer

Improved restore process

The Restore process has been improved.
If you try to manually restore a backup, the app will now ask you if you want to restore a local file or a cloud backup.
The app also allows you to select which backup you want to restore from the cloud.
Of course this is only useful if you signed-in into your account.

Improved restore process

Intra chapter image support

Support for mp3 files' chapters has been improved.
The app can now show custom images at any time while playing an episode with chapters.
Up until now the app was showing those images as chapters...
Thanks a lot to @marcoarment for the help (documentation and sample file).

Intra chapter image support
Chapters' list for 'Accidental Tech Podcast' #244

Share with Podcast Addict

  • You can now Share audio/video content from 3rd party apps with Podcast Addict.
  • You can set episodes as Favorites from the Playlist screen. Either long press on an episode or select multiple episodes and select the Favorite action from the toolbar.

Bug fixes

  • Take into account playback speed when displaying chapter duration in the player screen.
  • Some headset double click actions were causing playback to pause.
  • Bug preventing to edit a podcast RSS feed URL when the only modification was changing the case of some characters.
  • In case of a playback error while listening to live radio, trying to restart playback was switching to the podcast playlist instead of restarting playback of the same radio.
  • The app was failing to stream/download some Dropbox URLs.