Changelog - January 10, 2021

Screen orientation

By default the app follows the device Settings and orientation for the display.
You can now lock the orientation in the app Settings/Display screen to force the app in either Portrait or Landscape mode


  • Chapter playback progress is now displayed in the Chapters screen.
  • Playlist sorting mode by Short download date. This only takes into account the download day (not the time), which allows you to use a second sorting mode if needed.
  • No more immersive mode when showing the Chromecast player screen. The device status bar an navigation now remain displayed.
  • The app now supports 'mailto' links in episode's description.
  • Show artwork when casting local files.
  • Statistics now shows the podcast details for the current year AND the past year.
  • Increased hit zone around the chapter 'mute' button.
  • Episode's custom artwork extraction has been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Bug preventing some podcasts from being rated
  • Bug preventing the Intent to start playing from a different playlist from working properly
  • It's now easier to press on the 'skip chapter button ' in the chapters' screen.
  • Stop button in the radio player screen wasn't displayed properly when using a light theme.
  • Statistics weren't displayed properly for 'yesterday' and 'last week' the first week of the year.
  • Minor fixes.