Changelog - August 1, 2021

Audio boost for video content

Up until now, the Audio Boost audio effect was only available for Audio podcasts.
This new version enabled this audio effects for video podcxasts as well. However this will only work when using the default EXOPlayer engine. If you customize the video player engine this won't work.

Improved chapter artwork display

Up until now pressing on a chapter artwork was showing the image in a small popup.
This new version shows the image full screen and allows you to zoom within the image if you want to.


  • Update to the latest version of Google ExoPlayer library.
  • Improved extraction of chapters from show notes.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

Bug fixes

  • Episode file size display after an episode was downloaded was broken.
  • "Remove non Downloaded episodes" from the playlist was only working when applied to the current playlist.
  • Minor fixes.