Changelog - August 30, 2021

Alarm clock

This feature has been one of the most popular request on the app Uservoice.
You can now use the app to set alarms and wake up to your favorite podcast / playlist / radio.
You can do this by going into the app navigation sidebar where a new entry called Alarms has been added. If you're not interested by this feature you can go into Settings/Navigation sidebar and then disable this option.

In order to work properly, this feature requires a new Permission that you will have to enable so the app UI can open automatically without any user interaction. You can do this from the app Settings/Alarms screen.
Without it, the playback should be able to start, but you won't have a UI displayed that shows the time and allow you to snooze the alarm or stop the playback.

Please contact me in case you experience any issue with this feature so I can keep improving it.

Alarms list
Alarms list

Alarms settings
Alarms settings

Alarm editing
Alarm editing

Alarm ringing
Alarm ringing (swipe to snooze or stop)

Android Auto menu customization

You can now customize the list of entries displayed on Podcast Addict Android Auto menu. You will have to go to Settings/Android Auto to do this.
New menu like 'Favorite episodes' and 'Playback in progress' can now be enabled.

Sleep timer fade-out customization

You can now customize the duration of the sleep timer fade-out (or disable it). To do this, please go to Settings/Player/Sleep Timer.


  • Detect and skip parasite remote commands received by the app. For example in case the app receives a skip forward command followed by a toggle command a few ms later.
  • You can set the app to automatically mark episodes as unplayed after they have been downloaded (Settings/Download).
  • By default downloaded episodes that are manually deleted are removed from the playlist. You can change this behavior in Settings/Download.
  • Improved parsing of non-standard RSS feeds.
  • Performance optimization.

Bug fixes

  • Bug that could cause the wrong episode to be deleted when using the feature 'Silence between episodes' in the playlist.
  • Minor fixes.