Changelog - September 25, 2021

Player screen layout redesign

The player screen has been redesigned to make it cleaner and easier to access some functions like chapter navigation.

New player screen layout
New player screen layout

With chapter navigation
With chapter navigation

Minor improvements

  • New Android Auto control to restart playback of the current episode from the start. You can go into Settings/Android Auto to enable this control.
  • Improved detection of loudspeaker so the playback speed can adapt between headsets and loudspeakers.
  • Link in the podcast / episode description to quickly access other podcasts by the same author.
  • Android Auto improvement to ignore some parasite commands.
  • Show chapter position on the player seekbar.
  • Player screen minor UI update.
  • Improved chapter extraction in case the metadata are not properly encoded by the podcaster.
  • Performance optimization.

Bug fixes

  • Issue causing Equalizer settings to not be properly applied during playback.
  • The priority setting screen was only showing subscriptions, and not podcasts with standalone episodes.
  • Minor fixes.