Changelog - October 1, 2021

New features

This version of the app adds some minor new features.

For example, you will now be able to customize by podcast if you want to enable / disable real-time push update. For now, this feature was a global setting that could only be toggled ON/OFF, but now you will be able to customize this behavior per podcast.
As a reminder, real-time push update is only available to Premium users at the moment.

Another new feature is the ability to long-press on the artwork of the episode you're listening to on the player screen, to view the artwork in full screen or to share it.

Minor improvements

  • You can hide the player extra commands row from the player option menu if you want to. However, this will prevent access to upcoming new features if you don't see the controls...
  • New double / triple click commands to skip to previous/next chapters.
  • Improved player / bookmark navigation from the player screen.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Google EXO Player engine.
  • Performance optimization.

Bug fixes

  • Volume level when using the Alarm clock features on some devices.
  • Bug that could prevent batch downloading of selected episodes from working.
  • Minor fixes.