Changelog - December 12, 2021

Major code update in accordance with Google policies for storage access

As of November 1, Google has been forcing apps to stop accessing files directly and instead forcing them to use a dedicated framework they've developed.
This framework is incredibly slow compared to direct file access (between 20x and 100x slower) and is also incomplete.

For this reason, I have decided to remove the ability to store the downloaded files in a custom folder of your choice. You can still choose to store these files on the SD card or the internal memory of the device, but not in which folder.
I might restore this functionality in future versions if Google improves the performance of its framework and adds missing functionality.
If you're using a custom storage folder, the app will ask you to move your files to its own folder on the Internal memory or the SD card. Please be aware that this might mot work. The app may not have read access to all the contents of your custom folder and may not have write access to delete the files later...
You might want to make a copy of those files before asking the app to move those files.

The backup feature of the app now stores your files in the default storage folder. You can go to Settings / Backup to select a custom folder.

If you are using the app's virtual podcast feature which allows you to manage local files as if they were episodes of a podcast, then you will need to recreate those virtual podcasts, otherwise the app will not be able to delete the files after playback.
Unfortunately, this means that the playing status and listening stats of your virtual podcasts will be lost during this process.

I'm very sorry about all this, but I had no choice, because without doing this I was no longer allowed to publish new versions.
Please contact me if you have any problem as this update required a lot of code change in parts of the app that have been used for years...
Thank you!

Minor improvements

  • The app now supports Podcasting 2.0 Social/Comments tags. This will allow you to easily comment on compliant podcasts/episodes.
  • Episodes list screen can now be filtered by Podcast or by category. Press on the RSS icon on the left side of the drop-down menu to toggle the filtering mode.
  • You can customize some of the controls displayed on the player screen in Settings/Player/Controls.
  • You can now export all the bookmarks at once from the Bookmarks screen.
  • You can now add local files to the playlist by pressing on the toolbar link button 🔗 (Until now, it was only working by pasting an audio file url).
  • Playback statistics can now show playback time for previous years (up to 2015).
  • Improved metadata extraction of virtual podcast files.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

Bug fixes

  • Bug causing Apple Podcasts reviews display to fail in some cases.
  • When showing lists of episodes on Android Auto, the app was ignoring the setting to NOT use custom artwork for episodes.
  • Minor fixes.