Changelog - March 15, 2021

Concurrent Downloads

Up until now, Podcast Addict was downloading a single episode at a time, going through your download queue.
This new version includes a complete rewrite of the Download manager to allow you to have multiple episodes downloading at the same time.

This is NOT enabled by default for now. If you want to use this, please go into Settings/Download/Concurrent downloads and select a value greater than 1.

Make sure to take into account your connection bandwidth and device resources as selecting a high number of concurrent downloads on a low end device might end up slowing down the device or even causing the app to crash if the device doesn't have enough free resources to handle this.

Natural sorting

If you sort the playlist by episode name or file name and some episode numbers are included in the title, the current sort may not work as expected.
For example, if you have a list of episodes called: episode_1, episode_2, episode_10 and episode_11, they will end up being sorted this way: episode_1, episode_10, episode_11, episode_2.

This is now fixed with the new algorithm. However, this will only work in the Playlist screen not in the podcast episodes list screen for technical reasons.

If for som reason, you prefer the way it used to work before you can go into Settings/Playlist and disable 'Natural Sorting'.


  • Improved error messages when Download / streaming fails.
  • The list of similar podcasts now excludes podcasts to which you have already subscribed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix Sleep timer bug when option to Stop at the end of the episode was selected.
  • Fix display issue in Statistics screen for 2020.
  • Minor fixes.