Changelog - March 31, 2021

Browse popular episodes by topic

With this new version, you will now be able to browse popular episodes by topic. When you open the screen that lets you add new podcasts, you'll see a list of tags at the top of the screen.
Tap the tags to view a list of popular recent episodes that talk about that specific topic. The list of topic will be updated automatically.

There are also 2 'fixed' tags called 'Latest episodes' and 'Popular episodes' which will show you the list of the most recent episodes published in the last 48 hours and 7 days respectively. You can then browse this list of episodes by category / sub category.

Podcasts episodes by topic
Podcasts episodes by topic

Limited Google Assistant support

With this new version you can use the Google assistant to open the ap on the screen of your choice by using a command like "Open Playlist on Podcast Addict".
You can also search for a new podcast using the following command "Search for Planet Money on Podcast Addict".

Basic playback commands such as Play, Pause, Stop, Start Over, turn the volume up, ... were already supported.


  • New Automatic cleanup setting to automatically delete an episode when it's marked as played manually (Disabled by default).
  • Support base64 images in RSS feeds.
  • Performance optimization.

Bug fixes

  • Duplicated entries created for Search based podcasts.
  • Android Auto connection issue on some devices.
  • Minor fixes.