Changelog - April 5, 2021

Real time update / Websub support

This feature is only available for Podcast Addict Premium users

Podcasts are basically RSS feeds. In order to get the list of episodes from your subscriptions, apps are downloading and parsing those RSS feeds.
You can trigger an update at any time or configure the app to do this automatically at the time and frequency of your choice.

This new version adds support for an open protocol called WebSub which basically allows the app to be notified in near real time when a new episode gets released.
For this to work, podcasts will need to support this feature. Right now, it seems like about a third of podcasts are.

For podcasts not supporting WebSub yet, the app servers will now notify the app when they detect a new episode. This will NOT be real time updates, BUT this will still improve the delivery of the new episodes for those podcasts.

Server infrastructure upgrades were needed to support this feature with podcasts, but also with the millions of existing website RSS feeds, which is why this feature is only available to users with a paid subscription.

In order to test this, please go into Settings/Update/Automatic update and enable Real time update.

Playlist Widget

A new widget has been added for Podcast Addict Premium users.

It's called PLAYLIST Widget and will show the content of the current playlist on your home screen. You can then scroll and start playing another episode without having to open the app.

Unfortunately artwork files stored on the SD card won't be able to be displayed because of an Android restriction.

Playlist Widget
Playlist Widget

Support for metered Wi-Fi connections

Podcats Addict allows you to restrict some actions like streaming or downloading to Wi-Fi connections only.

However, not all Wi-Fi connection are created equal.
If you're using a metered Wi-Fi connection, you can now instruct the app to handle these connections as if they were Mobile connections.
In this case, the same restrictions you set for streaming, downloading, ... would apply to any metered connection.


  • You can now customize the sorting of popular episodes lists.
  • Improved search results when the podcast contains acronyms.
  • Performance optimization.

Bug fixes

  • Cancelling paused downloads could sometime fail.
  • Opening an episode from a popular episodes list could sometime open the wrong content.
  • Minor fixes.