Changelog - June 20, 2021

Podcast Privacy information

A new button is available on the podcasts / episodes description screen to display the privacy information about the current podcast.
This will allow you to see if this podcast is just gathering some basic statistics, or if it's tracking you or if they are inserting audio ads dynamically while you're downloading or streaming those episodes.

Maybe that way, users will stop rating the app 1 star because they think it's responsible for all those audio ads... Again, Podcast Addict is only showing a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen. No Audio ads!

Thanks a lot to Marco Arment for this great idea and to the open source service called Podcast Privacy

Alternate Enclosure support

The new Podcasting 2.0 tag called 'Alternate Enclosures' allows podcasters to provide multiple audio files per episode.
This can be very useful if you want to limit the data and/or storage space used by the app, or if on the contrary, you want to get the file in the best possible quality.

Podcast Addict allows you to select this in Settings/Network. By default the app will give you access to the podcast default file as provided by the podcaster.
This settings can be set globally or per podcast.

Triple click action

Podcast Addict already allows you to manage double click actions from your headset. To use it, please go to Settings/Player/Remote commands and select the action you want to perform.
With this new version, the app will also support triple click.

Important note here, some headset manufacturers have implemented double and triple click in their headsets. In this case, the headset will convert the double/triple click into an action selected by the manufacturer. This means that Podcast Addict will not be able to process the double/triple click and customize the behavior of the command.

Silence between episodes

By default, when an episode ends, the app will start playing the next episode available in the playlist right away.
Sometimes when you listen to multiple episodes of the same podcast you might not know that the episode changed. You can now go to Settings/Playlist and set the app to add a small silence between the episodes.


  • New setting to disable Chromecast support (Settings/Player). This will slightly improve the app performance and loading time if you're not using the Chromecast feature.
  • New algorithm for the podcasts suggestions based on your current subscriptions.
  • Improved behavior of the playlist sorting mode 'Alternate podcasts'.
  • Improved YouTube channel support.
  • Hiding Review button for private content.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

Bug fixes

  • Fast scroll was not working properly in the Playlist screen with the previous version.
  • Minor fixes.