Changelog - January 1, 2022

Downloaded files can be stored in a public folder

Due to Google latests restrictions I had to remove the feature allowing the users to select a custom folder to store downloaded files.
Because of this, third-party party applications could no longer access these files.
This made the app useless for many users who used third-party applications to sync downloaded files with other devices (watches, storage, streaming devices, ...)

Thanks to a user who provided a solution, the app is again able to store the downloaded files in a public folder.
This is still a system folder, which means that the content of this folder will be deleted if the app is uninstalled or its data is cleared. Also, the folder path cannot be customized.

This public folder will be the default storage path for new users. For existing users, you will need to go to Settings/Download/Storage folder, then check the corresponding checkbox and confirm the new location.
As Android won't allow files to be moved between folders, the app will need to copy the files, which means that you will need enough free space for this transfer to work (If you have 2Gb of downloaded files, you will need 2+GB of free storage space so the files can be transferred).

Finally with this latest update, the issue with Storage on newer Android versions should be over :) !

Minor improvements

  • Improved performance.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

Bug fixes

  • Automatic update bug causing some updates to be skipped.
  • Minor fixes.