Changelog - March 15, 2022

Better support for custom episode artwork

The app has supported custom episode artwork since early versions. However, not everyone follows the existing standards, so the app has been enhanced to pull custom artwork from these 'exotic' feeds.

Also, I discovered that custom episode artwork was not showing up when previewing the podcast episode list from search results. This is now fixed.

No more customization of the ad format

For the past 8 years, the app has allowed users to customize the ad format. The default format used is the ad banner which is the least intrusive format. Users could replace this format with an interstitial ad displayed from time to time while browsing the app.

I just started getting complaints and bad ratings due to how Google's interstitial ads work right now. Even after explaining that they could restore the default ad format, they remained angry and the reviews remained.

Therefore, I am now removing this option so that everyone has the same banner ad format in the app. This will simplify the code and testing of the application...

Bug fixes

  • Playback issue when listening to episodes with 'diaporama like chapters'. These are chapters with no entries in the chapters list, but that will popup new artwork at specific position
  • Bug when accessing bookmarks for video episodes.
  • Skipping current episode by long pressing on the next episode button while Play From top was selected didn't properly update the playlist.
  • Manually deleting episodes from the Audio Playlist did not always refresh the display.
  • Last EXOPlayer version fails to play OPUS files. Rollbacking to an earlier version.
  • When selecting a list of episodes to download at once the displayed message was showing twice the number of episodes to be downloaded (display bug).
  • Small bug fixes