Changelog - May 25, 2022

A-B Repeat

This new version allows you to play a specific part of an episode on a loop.
To do this, you can open the chapter list screen and enable the repeat function on a specific chapter. You can also create bookmarks at any position you want and enable the repeat function of the bookmark.

This loop mode can be toggled from the player screen by pressing on the current chapter/bookmark name.

Custom filenames

By default, the app keeps the default filenames provided by podcasters when episodes are downloaded.
Sometimes these filenames may just be a list of random characters. If you want to, you can now go to Settings/Download and change this behavior by selecting a predefined filename pattern that will be applied to NEW downloads.

The podcast/episode names can be altered to generate valid filenames (usually to remove invalid characters and keep the file length valid).

Bug fixes

  • Video playback ratio not always respected.
  • Playlist content not always refreshed when new virtual podcast episodes are retrieved.
  • Urls in show notes open randomly in the app instead of using the device's default web browser.
  • Chromecast playback issue after finishing the last episode of the playlist.
  • Chromecast playback issue with virtual episodes. The app could skip an episode in the playlist.
  • Resetting playback progression while the episode was currently playing wasn't working properly
  • Performance optimization.
  • Small bug fixes.