Changelog - June 20, 2022

Virtual podcasts with sub Folders

Last year I had to disable a Virtual podcast feature after Google prevented apps from accessing files directly.
I just found a workaround that allows me to restore this feature.
Now when you select a folder which contains multiple sub folders the app will ask you if you want to create a unique Virtual podcast or one Virtual podcast for each sub folder.

Minor improvements

  • When using the default Google EXO Player engine, you can now watch video podcasts using playback speed up to 5.0x.
  • Disabled podcasts are now displayed with a black and white artwork on the app main screen. (A podcast is considered disabled when you disable its 'Keep updated' setting).
  • Improvement of the algorithm used to generate chapters from episodes' show notes.

Bug fixes

  • Long pressing on previous/next episode buttons wasn't working when Chromecasting.
  • Unsubscribe button wasn't always properly refreshed after unsubscribing from multiple virtual podcasts one after each other.
  • Natural Sorting mode when playlist is sorted by Filename wasn't working properly.
  • Removing an episode from the playlist while Chromecasting wasn't refreshing the playlist.
  • Removing a selection of episodes from the playlist was sometimes highlighting the wrong episode as the currently playing one.
  • Do not kill the Sleep timer when applying new audio effects.
  • Improved app accessibility.
  • Small bug fixes.