Changelog - August 10, 2022

Automatic artworks for chapters

More and more podcasts show notes are now including timestamps to make it easier to listen to specific part of the episode.
Podcast Addict automatically uses these timestamp to generate chapters when no chapter is provided by the podcasters.
This new feature once enabled for a podcast (Podcast Custom settings), will automatically try to associate artwork with chapters. This can work great for podcasts reviewing movies, tv shows, video games, books, ...
Of course, the result won't be perfect, but you can then long press on a chapter artwork in the chapter list and change one of the artwork.
Please contact me if you have any issues / questions about this feature (Settings/Feedback).

New Features & Minor improvements

  • When pressing the update button while on mobile data and updates are limited to Wi-Fi only, ask the users if they want to force a temporary update.
  • When selecting a language to listen to, there's now a favorite button so that those favorite languages will remain displayed at the top of the list whether they are selected or not
  • Long-press on a chapter in a list to customize its artwork.
  • Option menu entry in the player screen to show current position at 1.0x (useful when playing at a speed and wanting to get the timestamp for skip intro feature).
  • Setting to enable display of disabled podcast artwork in Black and white or not (Settings/Display).
  • Ask for confirmation when trying to delete a selection of episodes from the playlist screen.
  • Video playback up to 5.0x
  • Bookmark/chapter sharing, shares the episode url with the bookmark/chapter playback position.
  • Improved detection of RSS feed redirects
  • Improved extraction of virtual podcast file metadata (Release date, ...)
  • Added new value for auto download after a new subscription (20 episodes)

Bug fixes

  • Bug causing automatic download to fail after a new subscription.
  • SSL errors on older devices.
  • Playback of the last chapter of an episode when the chapter loop mode is enabled.
  • Failure to retrieve folder artwork for virtual podcasts.
  • Incorrect total number of episodes was being displayed when filtering a list of episodes by category.
  • Option to rename downloaded episodes' file was truncating the end of the filename.
  • Avoid displaying muted volume toast message in the app when starting playback on Android Auto.
  • Small bug fixes.