Changelog - August 28, 2022

Android 13 improvements

Android 13 has just been released. For now, only a few Google Pixel devices can run this new version, but with this release, Podcast Addict is starting to support some of the new features introduced in this version.
For example, the app will now support the Per-app language functionality. You can go to the device's Settings/Applications/Podcast Addict screen, and select the UI language of the app if you want to use different language than the one set on your device.
The app also support Themed app icons. This means that the app icon will be displayed using your theme colors.
Other minor improvements have been made to better support this new Android version, with more to come soon.

New Features & Minor improvements

  • [NEW] The setting to mark an episode as played when manually deleted can now be customized per podcast.
  • [NEW] A new setting has been added to force the app to STOP ignoring the 1st remote play command sent by a car Bluetooth receiver when connecting (Settings/Player/Headset & Bluetooth).
  • [NEW] It's now possible to select multiple episodes in the playlist and mark them as played at once.
  • [IMPROVED] Ask for confirmation, when you disable overriding a section of settings for a specific podcast.
  • [IMPROVED] When archive mode is enabled, the app now ignores download errors and skips to the next episode to download in the queue.
  • [IMPROVED] Apply default play back speed changes in real time.
  • [IMPROVED] Navigation performance.

Bug fixes

  • The action mode was not always disabled when navigating between different screens.
  • OPML export sometimes created a truncated file.
  • The Equalizer entry in the Audio effects panel of the Player screen was sometimes missing.
  • Issue causing live stream playback to sometimes fail on the 1st attempt.
  • Small bug fixes.