Changelog - November 15, 2022

Virtual podcasts new features and improvement

This new version makes it easier and safer to create virtual podcasts in the app.
A new setup screen has been added which allows you to quickly customize the behavior of the new podcast.
By default, deletion after playback is now disabled even if you enabled this as the default behavior in the app. This is because virtual podcasts are mostly used to listen to audio books, music or other files that you want to keep.
I also added new settings that might be helpful if the folder you're adding contains music files. In that case usually you always want to start playing music from the start of the file and not from where you last paused playback, and you don't want any audio effects such as playback speed, skip silence, ... to apply.

So you will be able to customize all of this quickly when cerating the podcast, but you can always go back later to the podcast custom settings to change the behavior.

Virtual podcast setup screen
Virtual podcast setup screen

Minor improvements

  • New playlist option menu to easily find an episode in the playlist.
  • Long press on any episode of the Playlist to add the next unplayed episode of the podcast to the playlist.
  • Chapter extraction has been improved for files not following the metadata storage specs.
  • Minor UI improvements across the app.
  • Confirmation popups have been added for DataBase optimization and repair actions in Settings/About.
  • Settings checkboxes have been replaced with toggle switches.
  • Support for updated transcript tag specs.
  • Skip silence stats are now working with the default Google Exo player engine.
  • You can now start playing an episode by pressing on its description timestamps. Before this was only working for the episode currently playing.

Bug fixes

  • Playback controls in split window mode were unusable.
  • Settings to select the number of lines to display an episode title was ignored when browsing unsubscribed podcasts.
  • Player notification sometimes showing the wrong artwork.
  • Player screen was ignoring the setting telling the app to not take the playback speed into account for the episode duration.
  • Opening screen widget icon when selecting "Discover podcasts".
  • Small bug fixes.