Changelog - May 13, 2023

Cross-Feed Episode tracking

When you're subscribed to multiple RSS feeds for the same podcast, such as free/public and Patreon/Premium feeds. Now, when you finish listening to an episode, the app will automatically check if the episode URL is present in other subscribed feeds and mark all instances of that episode as played, according to your settings.
For now, this only applies after playback, not when an episode is manually marked as played/unplayed, but based on feedback this might change in a future version.


  • Enhanced compatibility with problematic or invalid RSS feeds.
  • Refined parsing and extraction of chapter information from episode show notes.
  • Implemented minor optimizations to boost download speed.
  • Workaround to the fast scroll feature triggering unwanted scrolling when opening contextual menu.
  • Updated to the latest version of OkHttp.
  • Applied minor performance optimizations for a smoother user experience.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent automatic refresh of virtual podcasts when the podcast "Keep updated" toggle is disabled.
  • Resolved issue with chapter list contextual menu malfunctioning when an episode contained bookmarks.
  • Fixed playlist behavior when using Smart Priorities in conjunction with sorting by Priorities.
  • Improved publication date extraction for Virtual podcasts.
  • Addressed minor bugs and implemented performance enhancements.