Changelog - June 25, 2023

Enhanced Streaming Stability

Major under the hood updates have been implemented to provide a seamless and more reliable streaming experience.
The latest improvements specifically target and enhance playback consistency, particularly in situations where the internet connection may be unstable or patchy. This means that you can enjoy your favorite podcasts without the disruption of intermittent pauses or buffering. Enjoy a smoother, uninterrupted podcast listening experience with this latest update.

Minor Improvements

  • Improved onboarding for new users.
  • Changed position of 'Play Season' entry in the episode contextual menu to avoid accidental taps.
  • Lots of technical under the hood improvements for both performance and stability.

Bug fixes

  • Search-based podcasts created earlier in the app may have stopped updating.
  • Failure to open the episode in the search engine Episodes tab when there was only 1 result.
  • Addressed minor bugs and implemented performance enhancements.