Changelog - August 1, 2023

Removal of Twitter Auto-Sharing Feature

In accordance with Twitter's recent policy updates, the use of their APIs now requires payment, irrespective of the purpose of usage. This change also impacts applications aiming to generate content on the Twitter platform.
In response to these changes, I have decided to remove the automatic sharing feature to Twitter from Podcast Addict. This modification is made to comply with Twitter's monetization changes and to avoid passing on any additional cost to users.
I understand that this change may affect the way you've been using the app and I apologize for any inconvenience. I encourage all users to manually share their favorite podcasts on Twitter and continue to engage with the podcast community there.

Enhanced Playlist Management: Multi-Episode Drag & Drop

The Drag & Drop functionality within the playlist feature has been improved. Previously, you could only move episodes around in your playlist one at a time. Now, you will be able to select and move multiple episodes at once.
When you select a group of episodes, you can now reposition them all at once within the playlist using the familiar Drag & Drop function.
While the visual animation during the dragging process will continue to display the episode for which you used the handle/grabber, rest assured that the entire selection of episodes will be moved as intended.

Fix for 'Pause on Disconnect' Bug in Android 13 June ROM

In the recent Android 13 June update, Google introduced a bug which results in the device broadcasting a 'CONNECTED' message immediately after a Bluetooth receiver disconnects.
If you've configured the app to resume upon connection, this causes the app to pause, then resume almost instantly.

To address this issue, the app now ignores the 'CONNECTED' message received immediately after a disconnection.

Minor Improvements

  • The app now supports transcript urls provided as part of the episode description.
  • Minor performance enhancements.

Bug fixes

  • Automatic chapter skipping was failing in some edge cases.
  • Android Auto was playing with no sound when 'Ignore Audio Focus request' was enabled.
  • Toggle playback speed widget wasn't working while listening through a Chromecast.
  • Reordering a selection of episodes in the playlist didn't always work as intended.
  • Minor bug fixes.