Changelog - October 20, 2023

Schedules for Automatic updates and downloads

1. Customizable Days for Automatic Podcast Updates

  • Location: Settings > Update > Automatic Update > Schedule.
  • Description: You can now customize the days on which the app will automatically update your podcast subscriptions.
  • Default Behavior: By default, the app will automatically update your podcast subscriptions every day to keep you up-to-date with the latest episodes.
  • Additional Info: This schedule can also be overridden for individual podcast subscriptions.

2. Customizable Days for Automatic Episode Downloads
  • Location: Settings > Download > Schedule.
  • Description: The app now allows you to specify which days to automatically download new episodes as they are retrieved by the app.
  • Default Behavior: By default, automatic downloads are enabled for any day of the week.
  • Additional Info: You can also customize this setting for individual podcast subscriptions. Note that this does not apply to Archive mode or virtual podcasts.

Grid mode display customization

In the past, you had the choice between a list mode and a grid mode for displaying content. Within the grid mode, three sizes were available: small, regular, and large. However, the actual number of podcasts presented on a single row was determined by your device's resolution.
With this update, you will have more control. You can now specify the exact number of podcasts you'd like to see in a single row. To adjust this setting, simply go to Settings/Display/Podcasts.

Minor new features

  • New Filter in the podcast custom settings to exclude Explicit episodes.
  • New setting in Playlist to control auto-scrolling when you move episodes to the top, bottom, or next in line.

Bug fixes

  • Chapter navigation controls were missing from the player screen when in Landscape mode
  • Improved opening of URLs in episode show notes (relative urls are now supported).
  • Minor bug fixes.