Changelog - November 15, 2023

Enhanced audiobook chapters with .CUE file support

The Virtual Podcast feature in Podcast Addict is commonly used for managing and playing local audiobook files. While the app already accommodates chapter information that's embedded directly within the audio file metadata, it now additionally supports external .CUE files for chapter information.

What Are .CUE Files?

A .CUE file is an external metadata file that contains information about different tracks or chapters in an audiobook or a music album. These files allow for more flexibility, as they can be edited separately from the audio file itself.

How Does This Feature Benefit You?

With the added support for .CUE files, Podcast Addict offers a more dynamic and convenient way to experience your audiobooks. This makes it easier to navigate between chapters and provides additional context to your listening experience.

How To Use This Feature?

To utilize this feature, place a .CUE file that has the same name as your audiobook file in the same directory. Podcast Addict will automatically recognize the .CUE file and enrich the chapter details of your audiobook accordingly.

For instance, your directory should look like this:

  • my_book.mp3
  • my_book.cue

By doing so, the app will automatically parse the .CUE file and use it to populate the chapters and other relevant information for your audiobook.

Minor Updates

  • You can now hide the Red banner asking you to exclude the app from the device's Apps Optimized list. But be aware that you will just be hiding the problem, and that the device will keep preventing the app from running background tasks that you enabled in your settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the setting to disable automatic updates on specific days also unintentionally blocked manual podcast updates.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the app from playing audio files located on external SD cards when accessed through a file explorer app on Android versions earlier than Android 13.
  • Minor bug fixes.