Changelog - January 23, 2024

Twitch channel support

Introducing Twitch Integration!

You can now easily subscribe to Twitch channels directly in the app. Simply paste the Twitch channel URL, and the app will handle the rest, displaying the available videos from the channel.
Like the YouTube support, tapping the play button on a Twitch video will either launch the Twitch app or open a webpage, enabling you to watch the video.
Although direct playback through the app isn't possible for Twitch content, this integration allows you to manage and access more of your favorite subscriptions and content from a single, convenient location.

Pixel Watch workaround

I've identified and addressed a specific issue for Android 13+ users who also use a Pixel Watch. Since Android 13, Google updated the behavior of media notifications. However, the Pixel Watch has not yet been updated to comply with these changes. This discrepancy resulted in the fast forward and rewind controls being unavailable by default on the watch.

To resolve this, I've introduced a new workaround. By activating this feature, you'll be able to regain fast forward and rewind controls on your Pixel Watch. Please note that while this workaround restores functionality to your watch, it will limit the ability to customize media notification controls on your device. I recommend using this workaround if you prioritize watch controls over notification customization.

Enhanced Selection mode

The select mode on screens displaying a list of episodes allows you to choose multiple episodes simultaneously for batch actions, such as downloading all at once or marking them as played. This mode can be activated through the screen's option menu or by engaging in the quick select mode, which is done by long-pressing on an episode's artwork in the list. While in select mode, you can enable or disable the selection of any episode with a simple press. The action menu offers options to select all, none, or to specifically choose between downloaded or undownloaded episodes.
New 'Invert Selection' Option: A new feature, "Invert Selection," has been introduced to enhance the select mode. This option allows you to invert the current selections, making it especially useful for large lists of episodes. For example, you can select a few episodes you don't want and then use the Invert Selection to select all other episodes, effectively choosing all episodes except the few initially selected.

Partial technical rewrite

Key technical components have been revamped, significantly boosting performance and ensuring a more stable and smoother user experience.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing some chapter images from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ITunes reviews from being displayed for podcasts with only 1 review.
  • Minor bug fixes.