Changelog - February 10, 2024

Auto Transition

The new Auto-Transition feature enhances your listening experience by seamlessly transitioning your playback. When you've finished listening to all unplayed episodes in your current podcast category, the app will automatically switch to a category or a live radio station of your choosing. To access this feature, simply press the FILTER button found in the Custom Playlist tab or navigate to Settings > My Account > Categories. This ensures an uninterrupted and personalized audio journey, tailored to your preferences.

Pause/resume when flipping the device

Introducing New Player Controls:
  1. 'Pause on Flip': This new setting allows you to automatically pause playback when you place your device face down on a flat surface. To activate this feature, go to Settings/Player and enable 'Pause on Flip'. Please note that using this feature will increase battery usage due to the continuous use of your device's sensor.
  2. 'Resume on Flip': Complementing the 'Pause on Flip' feature, you can now enable 'Resume on Flip' to automatically resume playback when you flip your device face up again. This setting is only available if 'Pause on Flip' is enabled. You can find this option in Settings/Player. As with the pause feature, be aware that enabling this will increase battery usage due to sensor utilization.
Please remember that continuous use of the phone sensor, as required for these features, may lead to increased battery consumption.

Minor improvements

  • Display of error messages has been improved on Android Auto.
  • Lots of improvements related to Chromecast playback.
  • Improvement to display an extra button on Android Auto.
  • Improved Live Stream Radio starting time.
  • Better support of RSS feeds with multiple files provided per episode.
  • Show a warning message when updates have been skipped based on the Update Schedule setting.
  • Support for Transcript plain text file format.

Bug fixes

  • Podcast description not always displayed when using Apple Search engine.
  • Lots of fixes related to Chromecast playback.
  • Minor bug fixes.