Podcast Addict v2024.5

Changelog - March 15, 2024

Enhanced Podcast Customization Overview

Podcast-Specific Customization is a new feature now available in Settings/My Account offering a streamlined and organized approach to managing your podcast subscriptions. This feature provides a comprehensive list of all your subscribed podcasts, complemented by a dropdown menu for efficient filtering. This filter facilitates easy identification of podcasts with personalized settings, such as Audio Effects, Display, Update, Download, Player, Playlist, and Automatic Cleanup, streamlining the process of pinpointing customized settings across your subscriptions.

SmartStream Cache

The new SmartStream Cache feature, is an Experimental Player Setting designed to Improve the streaming experience. By saving the data buffered during a stream locally, SmartStream Cache significantly speeds up playback resumption for partially listened episodes, making it virtually instantaneous. This is especially beneficial for those who listen to episodes in multiple sessions, as it not only enhances playback efficiency but also conserves data usage.
However, it's important to note that this feature might interact unpredictably with podcasts using dynamic ad insertion, potentially affecting episode durations due to the varying nature of these ads. For maximum flexibility, SmartStream Cache can be activated globally or tailored per podcast. Given its experimental status, if any playback issues arise, users are advised to disable this feature.


  • Automatic deletion of downloaded episodes post-playback is now the default setting for new installations.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue that hindered the initialization of YouTube channels.
  • Addressed an issue causing misalignment between episode chapter names and their respective chapter artworks.
  • Fixed an issue where the media notification was not correctly restored after disconnecting from Android Auto.
  • Corrected an issue where playing an episode during its download caused problems if the skip outro feature was active.
  • Minor bug fixes.