Podcast Addict v2024.6

Changelog - March 21, 2024

Enhanced UI for Empty Episode Screens

With the latest update, Podcast Addict introduces an enhanced User Interface (UI) on empty episode screens. Recognizing that empty screens can sometimes be confusing, helpful text prompts and icons have been added to guide users on how to populate these screens with content.
This new feature makes the app more user-friendly, particularly for newcomers, by seamlessly guiding them through the process of discovering and adding new episodes to their list.

Improved Episode List Contextual Menu

The latest update of Podcast Addict enhances the contextual menu that appears when long pressing on an episode in a list. This improvement allows for effortless selection of episodes either above or below the current one, facilitating convenient batch actions.
Users can now easily download all newer episodes or mark older ones as played with just a few taps. This update streamlines the process of managing episodes, making it more efficient and user-friendly, especially for those who frequently interact with large lists of episodes.


  • Enhanced archive mode auto-download to now retry past failed downloads instead of skipping them.
  • Improved app to handle unconventional and non-standard episode redirections for seamless streaming and downloading.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with chapter artwork not displaying correctly when switching from the standard player layout to the car layout.
  • Resolved a bug where dragging a non-selected episode while in selection mode with at least one episode selected disrupted playlist order.
  • Adjusted app to accommodate buggy headsets by filtering out repeated remote commands, ensuring accurate click interpretation.
  • Minor bug fixes.