Podcast Addict v2024.7

Changelog - April 10, 2024

Enhanced Live Radio search

Expanded Database Integration: The latest update brings a significant improvement to the live radio search. While the app previously relied solely on the TuneIn database, it now also incorporates a local database to supplement search results. This integration provides a more comprehensive and varied selection of live radio stations.

Contribute to a Better Experience:
Your Feedback Matters: If you encounter a missing or non-working radio station, please let me know! Your reports will help expand and refine the app's local database, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date listening experience. Help me make this app even better by reporting any issues or suggestions you have.
Thank you for your support, and enjoy the new features by updating now!


  • Statistics screen now shows the number of reviewed podcasts and episodes.
  • New buffer duration options for radio playback (60 / 90 /120 seconds).
  • Automatic retry with HTTPS when streaming/downloading of an episode with an HTTP URL fails with a Connection Reset error.
  • Improved algorithm for extracting chapters from shownotes.
  • Performance enhancements across the app. These improvements collectively contribute to a smoother, faster, and more resource-efficient user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed the issue with automatic playlist transition not working with Chromecast.
  • Solved an issue preventing bookmarks from being displayed in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the extraction of file metadata descriptions for virtual episodes.