Podcast Addict v2024.9

Changelog - June 1, 2024

Enhanced Real-Time Episode Detection


This new version significantly enhances the real-time detection of new episodes for private RSS feeds, a feature available exclusively for premium users. While the app already utilizes WebSub and Podping standards for real-time updates, these standards are primarily effective for public RSS feeds.

To improve the retrieval of new episodes for private feeds, the app now analyzes the publication patterns of older episodes. By understanding these patterns, the app can predict and detect new episodes more efficiently, ensuring that users receive updates as soon as possible.

This enhancement ensures that premium users have the most up-to-date content from their favorite private podcasts in a timely manner.

New Behavior

Downloaded episodes are now always displayed at the top of the list when sorting by download date, regardless of whether sorting by newest or oldest first.
Before this change: When sorting by downloaded date older first, the app was showing non-downloaded episodes at the top of the list followed by downloaded ones sorted by download date older first.
After this change: Downloaded episodes will always be displayed at the top, ensuring that all downloaded content is prioritized regardless of the sort order.

Minor Improvements

  • Automatic retry algorithm improved to handle support more errors.
  • Publication date now displayed in Android Auto episode lists.
  • Better support for YouTube channels using a handle in their URL.
  • Normalization code used to process chapter names extracted from episode show notes has been improved.
  • Minor code optimizations for speed and performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of artwork URLs in RSS feeds, especially when using IP addresses.
  • Fixed date display to ensure accurate years when dates are given with 2-digit years.
  • Maintained original radio names when using Podcast Addict's radio search.
  • Enhanced error messages for live stream playback issues.
  • Fixed transparency settings for the playlist widget.
  • Fixed an issue with image orientation handling.
  • Ensured the wake-up alarm does not interrupt currently playing content.
  • Fixed an issue where the currently displayed episode on Android Auto wasn't refreshed when the episode finished and autoplay was disabled.
  • Restricted sorting by playback date to relevant screens only.