JON LAND - Murder In Red

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Apr 26 2019 77 mins  
He’s the author of more than 45 novels, many of which climbed the best-seller rankings shortly after their release. He’s a master in the techno-thriller genre, and gifted with surprising versatility. His writing career launched in the mid-80’s, during the final years of the Cold War. He found a home writing chilling portrayals of threats to the United States, and of the men and women who operated undercover, and sometimes outside the law, to maintain U.S. security.He penned the popular Blaine McCracken series, a Green Beret with a bit of a James Bondian outlook, and he’s 11 books deep into a series featuring Caitlin Strong, a 5th generation Texas Ranger, who finds out that the west can still be a pretty wild place at times. The multi-talented and ridiculously imaginative, Jon Land is my guest and today, we’re going to see just how versatile he can be...