Episode 8: Hot Girl VS City Boy

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Jul 29 2019 90 mins  
Episode 8: Kiara and Judah reunited for a fun-filled discussion. Recap the week: Judah gives a bad quote(2:33), Recap the week: Judah Entrepreneur photographer and videographer (3:25), Promote The Lit Bar and book by Unwritten by Reina Rose on Amazon (11:40), Offical Quote (15:15), Bronx Father Leaves Baby in the Car (16:19), Second Quote (26:01), Kamala harris & Bernie Sanders (28:22), Mental Health and Clout (33:00), Wutang Show on Hulu (44:15), F.B.I. Found Frankstein (47:50), Monique VS. The Industry (50:40), How to start a business? (72:20), "Naked Monday's Podcast" (77:05), & Do men cheat because their woman gains weight? (79:27).

Quote 1: "You can lose money chasing woman, but you can never lose​ woman chasing money."
Quote 2: "You're hustling for a job, that if you die at the job, they'll clock you out."