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Aug 02 2019 66 mins  
She was born in Toronto, but spent 8 years enjoying the rainy comfort of Seattle. She has since returned to Canada, where she continues to root for the Seahawks, while her husband cheers for the Green Bay Packers. When it’s raining, she loves to write. When the sun is shining, she loves her pillow. When it’s dark, she’s double checking the locks on all the doors and curling up with a good book, most likely something written by Stephen King. In her own words, she writes about dark, twisted people who do dark, twisted things. In 2011, she released Creep... which comes with the warning, “he’s watching you...” In 2012, she released Freak, the follow up that had to be written. Both books are 5-star reads and cult favorites. In 2014, she released another very popular book titled, The Butcher. And in 2016, she invited her readers to Wonderland. Both were bestsellers, with hundreds of top-notch reviews.Today, we’re going to talk about her latest release, which just won the Int’l Thriller Award for Best Novel. Jennifer Hillier takes us on today’s Adventure as we talk about her latest thriller, Jar of Hearts.