JOSEPH REID - False Horizon

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Aug 09 2019 65 mins  
He's the son of a navy helicopter pilot, who chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer. As an attorney, he’s flown millions of miles on commercial aircraft and spent countless hours in airports around the world while litigating multi-million-dollar cases for high-tech companies. Degrees from Duke University and Notre Dame hang on his office wall in San Diego, where he lives with his wife and children. In 2018 his debut novel, TAKE OFF, found a devoted audience and has garnered nearly 1700 top-notch reviews on Amazon. Raymond Benson, the bestselling author of the 007 James Bond series, described TAKEOFF as a breakout Action-Thriller that leaves readers breathless Best-Selling Thriller-Suspense author, Joseph Reid, takes us on today’s adventure as we dig into the pages of Book 2 in the Seth Walker Series, FALSE HORIZON.