CASEY BARRETT - The Tower of Songs

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Aug 30 2019 67 mins  
He’s a Canadian Olympian and the co-founder / co-CEO of Imagine Swimming, New York City’s largest learn-to-swim school. As a provocative voice in the swimming and Olympic community, he has won three Emmy awards and one Peabody award for his work on NBC’s broadcasts of the Olympic Games. He’s also written a column for Swimming World magazine and was the author of the popular swimming blog, Cap & Goggles.He’s currently 3 volumes deep into a series of books built around the exploits of a former rich kid, felon, and swimmer, who now works in the shadows, of the streets of New York City. Together with his partner, dominatrix Cassandra Kimball, Lawrence Darley, Jr., known to his friends as “Duck” has become a highly sought-after ‘finder’ for wealthy Manhattan families in need of assistance with their darkest secrets.Today, we’re going to peel open the pages of Book 3 in the Duck Darley series, The Tower of Songs, with our guest. Casey Barrett…