War Room - 2019-Sept 20, Friday - Breaking! US Intelligence Agencies Caught Idiots Storm Area 51 As Children Skip School To Fight The Sun

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Sep 23 2019 179 mins  
On this Friday edition of the War Room, Harrison Smith takes over from Owen Shroyer to answer the burning question: Which is more pointless? A million school children marching to stop climate change, or a hundred memers Naruto-running around Area 51? Laugh along with the Infowars crew as we watch liberals try to deal with the new 4chan prank in which posters claim that "Islam is right about women," and cringe along with us as we deep-dive into the horrors of communist China and the anti-white insanity of burning of classic books in the name of diversity. With special guest Brandon from That's The Point, who was kicked off Facebook and Instagram for simply posting a picture of Activist Tommy Robinson.