Ørjan Nilsen Exclusive Guest Mix | EDM Weekly Episode 304

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Sep 25 2019 61 mins  
An exclusive guest mix from Orjan Nilsen. Dedicated, hardworking and energetic DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen has gained a respective fan base across the globe. Working under Armada Music, Ørjan released a range of groove-ridden tracks and multi-genre infused albums that catapulted him to the top. His lively performances and high energy sets have garnered him gigs at some of the most iconic clubs and biggest festivals in the world.Tracklist available at www.edmweekly.com/orjanDemos, Guest Mixes, Shoutouts, Sponsorship & BusinessEmail Garrett: [email protected]: @EDMWeeklyRadio Instagram @EDMWeeklyRadioNext Episode: EDM Weekly Episode 305 | October 2nd 2019