Cancer Diagnosis? -Know Your Options!

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Nov 08 2019 30 mins  
In this episode of Soul Fire Wisdom, Kate interiews Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharmacist, Author, Speaker and Comedian. Dr Leyla's first book, Off Balance: The American Way of Health. A Pharmacists Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work, brought light to some of the problem that cause Americans to be overmedicated and unhealthy. In her new handbook, Dr. Leyla aims to give patients a broader perspective on the options available when they are diagnosed with cancer and to help them make dbetter informed choices. Like many of us, Dr. Ali, has been apalled at dthe surg in cancer diagnosis in this country and knows how traumatic is it for someone to recieve this informationa and feel out of control. She hope to help with that by giving people a more dcomplete view of the options. Tune in for information and tips.