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Dec 19 2019 80 mins  
He was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and captivated as a young man by a classic 1960’s television series about two young men in a Corvette convertible, traveling the United States in search of America and themselves. The TV series was called, Route 66. His creativity was so inspired by the series, that he dreamed of writing his on fictional sagas.In 1966, he moved to Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, were he attended Penn State University, studied literature under Hemingway scholar Philip Young, and received his Master’s and Doctorate in American literature. In 1972, he released a novel about a returned Vietnam veteran suffering from post-trauma stress disorder who comes into conflict with a small-town police chief and fights his own version of the Vietnam War. The book was entitled FIRST BLOOD and it introduced the world to John Rambo. He has since produced a large volume of thrillers and international best-sellers, many of which we will talk about today.Welcome to the wide-open, full-throttle world of David Morrell…