BRYAN GRULEY - Purgatory Bay

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Jan 31 2020 69 mins  
He’s a graduate of Notre Dame, an avid hockey player, and an amateur musician. As the former Chicago bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, he shared in the Pulitzer Prize given to the Wall Street Journal in 2002 for coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks.Over the course of his writing career, he has written both compelling fiction and award-winning non-fiction. His Starvation Lake Trilogy was an Edgar Award Finalist. In November 2019, readers were introduced to a city living in the long shadows of the powerful, founding family, the Bleaks.Today’s adventure takes us back to Bleak Harbor, as our tour guide, Bryan Gruley introduces us to another long time resident, wrestling with the truth of her past. Straight out of the heart of Chicago, where the days are overcast and the winds are blowin’ cold… please welcome, Bryan Gruley…