16 The Courage to be Honest - Johnny Lujan on Spirit-Centered Business

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Apr 23 2020 52 mins  
Johnny Lujan is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, Columnist, Pastor and full time Business Coach. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, US NAVY “Seabee” veteran and has helped hundreds of people find their road to recovery. His life experience and over 30 years of clean and sober personal development make him an expert in courageous living, overcoming challenges and becoming an expert in living a legacy anyone would be proud of.Johnny’s favorite word in the dictionary is “Action”. By helping his clients become action focused, he has coined the phrase “Actioneer”. By following his tried and true methods for successful recovery you also can become an “Actioneer” and transform your personal life, your business and your recovery to extraordinary levels.TOPICS:- Ministry is who we are- Business ethics- Culture shifting within a corporation- Letting the Spirit flow- Started drinking at 12 years old- Finding acceptance and love for the 1st time- Life he needed to learn- The road to a happy destiny- Confidential executive addiction coaching- Brother as an inspiration- Represent the best for Christ- Vibrant life, healthy and glowing!- Having a positive attitude- Running a marathon- Tag Team Motivation- Learning styles- Just gotta jump!- Victory and success looks different for everyone- Chase your dreamQUOTES:“It wasn’t Johnny they wanted, it was what’s inside me.”“You cannot have courage without fear.”“Find the courage to change your life.”“Have the courage to say, ‘I’m going to make a difference.’”“Be your very best to the very end.”GOLD NUGGETS:1) The biggest key is humility and serving others. Selfishness is the source of all problems.2) The greatest compliment someone can give you is for them to say there’s something different about you.3) Go for it! Do everything possible that God is calling you to do. Take a chance and be willing to fail.ACADEMY TRAINING: The 4 F’s - Principles to Live ByJoin Today! http://SpiritCenteredBusiness.com/AcademyLINKS:Have Johnny speak, present a workshop to your group, or for personal life and/or addiction coaching: http://JohnnyLujan.comABOUT SCB:Welcome to the Spirit-Centered Business podcast where we blend the spiritual with the practical for supernatural results. The Next Age of doing business by being spirit-centered is coming together in collaboration, working with spiritual principles, and knowing our destiny. We showcase experts in Spiritual principles, Business principles, or both. Each week brings fresh inspiration and insight!If you’re ready to align with your destiny and discover the destiny of your business, join us! We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and business professionals who take the power of the spirit realm in our business seriously. We go beyond just consuming information. We participate, activate, and engage with the supernatural with unbelievable results. If you want to gather with like-minded professionals to activate spiritual principles and mastermind creative solutions to business challenges, #SpiritCenteredBusiness is your tribe. Go to http://SpiritCenteredBusiness.com to become a member today.Join the conversation! SCB Shows Air LIVE on Wednesdays at 5pm PacificOn YouTube: http://youtube.com/BralynnNewby andOn Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/EkklesiaArisingOn Facebook: