A.F. BRADY - Once A Liar (WBW)

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Apr 29 2020 52 mins  
She grew up in New York and is an avid reader of everything from takeout menus to Greek Mythology. She also enjoys a suspenseful story, well-told and historical biographies. She started writing as a child, but didn’t pursue publication until completing her first novel, The Blind.She’s a lifelong Yankee fan. She’s also a fan of Guns-N-Roses and Metallica. She loves dogs, needs all labels in the pantry to face the same direction, adores the sea, and is willing to stay up late at night for a good chat.She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and two master’s degrees in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College & Columbia University. She currently owns and operates her own private practice where she counsels both individuals and couples.Author, A.F. Brady is my guest… and today we’re going to dig into the pages of her latest thriller – Once A Liar…