Season 2: The Last Dance Series - NBA's Robin Effect & Da Next Level of Winning

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May 30 2020 41 mins  
Um... YO GK Nitez! It IZ time to talk about "The Last Dance" document series about the Micheal Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. 00:00 First we start talking about the Robin Effect. Do you have to have a Robin to one’s Batman in order to win a championship as Jordan had with Pippen? 18:00 What about Lebron compared to MJ? Does he need a partner or can he work well with others- remember Kyrie Irving? 28:00 Is there a "next level", even after winning a championship as displayed by Jordan? Maybe… but who has that MJ-Kobe’s Mamba mentality anymore in today’s NBA? Hmmm… Let’s talk about dis. THIS IS A FUN ONE! Guaranteed!